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As the 13th busiest airport in Europe, Dublin airport receives the most air traffic in Ireland. Maintaining runway safety is therefore paramount year-round in all weathers.

Ireland sees its fair share of rain throughout the year so airfield grooving ensures that water doesn’t sit on the runway increasing the risk of hydroplaning.

The Roadgrip Airports team are specialists in runway grooving and regularly maintain runways at many of the largest and busiest airports around the world, which is why we were contracted to complete the grooving works at Dublin.

We began painting all of the temporary line marking at night while the emergency runway was being resurfaced.  It was important that we completed each stage in the tight window at night, as the runway had to reopen each day.  Once the surface course had been laid, we applied permanent runway markings to the piano keys, designators (numbers), centreline, edge line and landing boxes.

After 7 days, the grooving could begin. Using our fleet of machines, we completed 34000 sqm of grooving in phases to ensure the runway could keep running.

If you would like to know more about improving runway safety with airfield grooving and friction testing, please contact the specialist team at Roadgrip Airports.