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London’s Heathrow airport is the second busiest airport in the world for international passenger traffic!  The airports runways need to be maintained and kept strong to keep its high safety standards.

Rhinophalt is an excellent solution for preserving asphalt and extending the life of the surface – especially when that surface sees as much traffic as Heathrow.

The Roadgrip Airports team are specially trained in the application of Rhinophalt and our team were called in to protect the surface on two areas of the taxiway in a single nightshift.  Fortunately, one of the great advantages of Rhinophalt is how fast it is to apply.  On this occasion, we didn’t use Rhinophalt dust, as friction isn’t critical on the slow-moving taxiways but we would normally recommend it on surfaces with fast-moving vehicles and aircraft.

This innovative preservation material comes with many benefits but most notably, is its superior lifetime extension of asphalt.  it also comes with a hefty 94% reduction in Co2 emissions when compared to traditional surfacing.  if you would like to learn more about why airports and local authorities are now choosing Rhinophalt surface preservation read more here: Rhinophalt from Roadgrip.

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