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As a historic airfield owned by the Imperial War Museum, Duxford Aerodrome is used for everything from public flights and flying instruction to film sets and race car testing by Formula One.

It means that the runway markings need to be maintained to stay fresh and clear, which is why Roadgrip Airports were called in to help.

Our team refreshed the existing markings on the runway, aprons and taxiways.  As this was a winter job, we were battling with the elements and needed to bring in specialist drying equipment to speed up the job.

The dryer dries out the surface before paint is applied.

We then sprayed single epoxy paint and used a line laser paint machine to apply new lines and markings.  On this occasion, we didn’t need to improve runway friction as it was the smaller airfield.

As with all of our jobs, the airfield marking adhered to ICAO and FAA standards.

Read more about runway markings here: A Quick Guide to Airfield Markings

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