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Roadgrip Motorsports have returned to our neighbouring Silverstone race track to prepare the circuit for MotoGP.

Our team applied the edge lines, circuit markings, pit lane and penalty loop.

We then painted the run off areas in a striking green anti-skid paint, and removed the car grid slots before replacing them with motorbike slots to meet MotoGP standards.

In just 3 days, we completed line markings to the entire circuit including the numbering of grid slots from 1 to 45.

Did you catch the photo finish?  What an incredible race!

We returned a week later to change the markings in time for the World Endurance Championships (WEC).  It’s all go for Roadgrip Motorsports!

Take a look at our recent F1 motorsport projects and contact us if you’d like our leading track marking and design team to help with your circuit.  We carry out all track cleaning, line removal, track painting, road markingfriction testing and track design services and mobilise our experienced crew and fleet of machines anywhere in the world.