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Track Design & Painting


Roadgrip Motorsport delivered the inaugural Russian F1 GP in October 2014. FIA track painting and run off designs followed site surveys, design brief and the subsequent production of renders for the new Tilke designed circuit in Sochi’s Winter Olympic Park.

All equipment and materials were driven by road (some 2000 miles!) and the circuit specialist team were based on site for 3 weeks to set out & create run off branding in line with Russian flag colours plus a continuous blue verge running both sides of circuit and all FIA markings including kerbs, edgelines, grid and pitlane detail. The paint job totalled 30,000m2 in area and brought striking colour to the newly built venue.

The unsettled Black Sea weather was initially challenging but thanks to an ‘Olympic effort’ by a dedicated site team the job ran extremely well and to schedule.

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