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Our global motorsport team are often called on to help turn busy city streets into temporary race tracks for major F1 events. For many years, our crew has transformed Singapore’s Marina Bay into the iconic Grand Prix circuit. Our Trackjet machine plays a large part in cleaning the streets and returning the surface back to its original condition after the race.

For this 2023 event, we Trackjetted over 35,000m2 of new asphalt to bring it into FIA specification for racing. This meant removing all debris, oil and rubber from the surface to make it safe and improve the grip for drivers.

After the race, this same incredible machine removed 600m2 of paint from the pitlane and run offs, leaving no trace of the advertising graphics. Even though the powerful water jets can remove every trace of paint from the streets, they are gentle enough to leave the asphalt underneath unaffected. It’s incredibly efficient, fast and environmentally friendly too. The streets were ready for use by regular city traffic by 5.30am the following morning.

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