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Roadgrip Motorsport has been racing against the clock to bring the street circuit at Marina Bay in Singapore to life for the 2023 Grand Prix.

Preparing a temporary street circuit for such a major Formula 1 event in a city that never sleeps is always a challenge but our team continues to deliver exceptional results on time, year after year.

Normally, for striking markings and run off designs like these, the painting takes time to achieve this kind of finish. The artwork and quality our team produced in such a short window was nothing short of outstanding, which is testament to their expertise, experience and our team’s organisation skills.

The circuit’s iconic blue, white and yellow design stands out around the track with accuracy and vibrancy at every corner.

If your circuit needs a refresh, build or design from our international professional motorsports team, contact our UK head office for a quick quote and brochure of our services. Alternatively, visit Roadgrip Motorsport to see our latest work.