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The Roadgrip Airports team has been back to Curaçao International Airport (also known as Hato International Airport) in the Caribbean to remove rubber tyre build up from the runway.

As the island’s only airport, this is an important hub for the Caribbean. There have been various expansion projects over recent years with the aim to process over 2.5 million passengers. As always, safety is paramount and as flight movements increase, so does the residue of tyre rubber on the runway.

The Roadgrip team used its ultra-high pressure (UHP) water blasting equipment to remove the rubber from the runway and to regain the friction values. We treated 15000 m2 in the critical touch down zone (TDZ) incorporating the onboard vacuum recovery system to leave the runway clean and virtually dry.

After the treatment, we performed a friction test using our Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment (CFME). Our Roadgrip qualified technicians undertook a FAA Approved surface friction survey to generate a friction grip report on behalf of the airport to demonstrate its compliance to relevant, stringent standards.

We have a fleet of containerised UHP machines and Trackjet vehicles that can be quickly deployed to remove runways on remote islands and airfields throughout the world. To find out more about our airport services including rubber removal, friction testing, airfield grooving, Rhinophalt asphalt preservation, AGL and more, contact our friendly team or visit Roadgrip Airports.