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Roadgrip Airports have spent many years maintaining the airfields in Panama’s airports. For this project, our global team were contracted to remove the rubber and mold from the runway at Panama Pacifico International Airport.

The tropical climate of Panama means that mold and mildew can build up on the surface of the airfield causing issues with visibility and friction. In wet conditions, mold can be even more slippery than rubber, so it is essential that the both are removed from any areas where the wheels of landing aircraft make contact.

Using ultra high pressure (UHP) water jets, we removed all of the rubber and mold from the runway to FAA standards, making it safer for landing. Our UHP machines are strong enough to leave the surface free of debris but gentle enough to leave the surface underneath intact and undamaged.

You can learn more about rubber removal and our work in Panama here: Panama Airfield Maintenance

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