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Race track branding, edge line painting and brand activation were the focus of this week’s track painting for the Roadgrip Motorsport team as they prepared the temporary circuit for Formula E in Berlin.

Every racing season, our team transform the heritage site at Templehof Airport into a high-octane, all-electric race track. This year, to celebrate its 10th anniversary, we also worked with the team to create a brand activation area complete with basketball court.

We applied rich colour graphics to the run off areas, edge lines and pit lane to give the race sponsors eye popping coverage around the circuit.

From Attack Mode and Allianz to ABB and Julius Barr, the high impact ground branding and painted walls created a striking look and feel to the circuit.

Our team will be returning post-race to remove the paint with ultra-high-pressure water blasters and return the site to its original condition. Follow us on LinkedIn to watch that happen.

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