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This weekend saw the Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix event at the Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona and we were there!

Working within the F1 contracted team, the Roadgrip Motorsport team were brought in to convert the track markings in the big run-off area at the Turn 10 Hairpin ready for the big race.

We had one week to mobilise the job starting with the import of 4 tonnes of FIM homologated paint for the track (approved anti slip paint for motorbike racing) from San Marino.

Our job was to blank out the existing track markings and replace them with the Fly Emirates branding.

Our team set out the design using GPS technology. We then converted the graphic files for the logo to engineering data to produce accurate measurements. This ensured a true replica of the Fly Emirates brand, making sure the proportions remained precise for the camera crews filming the race from the air.

Using specialist equipment and our brand new machinery, we then applied the paint to the track in time for the practice sessions to begin.

Did you see our track designs and circuit markings on the TV? Let us know what you thought.

We’ll be back there in a few days to return the track to the previous Circuit of Catalunya track markings and carry out some more track services for the team.

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