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Roadgrip has commenced works at London Stansted Airport, carrying out joint sealing and concrete repair as part of a major maintenance project.

Due to wear and tear over the years and an increase in air traffic, parts of the old concrete were starting to fail and break up in the bays. While much of the old sealant can last for many years, if you don’t know when it was applied, it is sometimes better to rip out the old and replace it all so that you have a good starting point for maintenance.

We therefore removed the old sealant and cleaned it up before replacing the joints with cold applied sealant on the exiting aprons, cul-de-sacs and taxiways at the airport.

The airport now has a record of when the sealant was applied and can schedule in the replacement of the sealant in roughly 10 years – or sooner if air traffic increases beyond its current level.


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