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As the famous London Heliport in Battersea celebrates its 60th anniversary, Roadgrip were contracted by Edmiston to design and apply surface markings in line with their new branding and site restyling.

Edmiston’s aim was to bring focus and attention to the helipad, so the design needed to have big impact.

As part of the initial repairs, the Roadgrip team were tasked with making improvements to the landing pad and aprons.  Using captive shot blasting on the concrete landing pad, we then carried out joint sealing and small asphalt repairs before applying Rhinophalt slurry seal to the surface.  This pre-mixed aggregate works like a bitumen binder with an activator, which is then spread onto the asphalt to seal the cracks.

Our team then painted all the markings on helicopter landing pads with MMA surface coating for added durability.

Our expert markers free-handed the Edmonton logos on-site in their new red and white branding in each of the corners, and used solid all-back Rhinophalt for the main area as you can see in the images.

The result is stunning both from the air and ground.  Edmiston’s branding colours are truly striking and the Roadgrip team are proud to have been involved in the finished look.

If you would like to know more about our surface preparation and marking services, please contact the Roadgrip team or visit our Airports page for information.