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Roadgrip Caribbean have been working hard on a busy shipping port in the Bahamas, where we were contracted to undertake concrete joint cutting and sealing, and the installation of the port’s pavement markings.

Working over a period of two months with our long-term client, BHM (GB) Ltd, Roadgrip assisted with delivery of the first phase of three of the Caribbean port improvement works.

As the main contractor, BHM undertook the installation of new PQ concrete whilst our crew worked behind on the concrete jointing and pavement markings.

Our joint sealing works entailed a mixture of 25mm expansion joints, 15mm contraction joints and 15mm construction joints totalling 19,470 linear. The joints have been cut to design and then open-blasted before inserting a backing rod into the base of the joint. These are then sealed using a hot extruded sealant.

The pavement markings have been applied using a one-pack epoxy system, which we assisted in specifying for the project. This entails preparation of the concrete using a captive shot blaster followed by application of a clear, concrete primer and two coats of the one-pack epoxy traffic paint. In total, for the first phase, we installed 2,419 container bays and the connecting roadways.

Well done to the Roadgrip team for their continued efforts in the face of Covid challenges and international travel, testing and restricted flight routes in this ever-changing global climate. Our teams throughout the world never fail to impress with their workmanship and commitment to the project.

Roadgrip will be returning for phase two of works in the coming weeks. Bookmark our Projects page to see the latest updates.

If you need help with concrete repair and joint sealing works, contact Roadgrip HQ for all global projects and we’ll send you a quick and professional quote.