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Motorsport Track Marking


Having been on hold due to Coronavirus, F1 have now announced the start of the racing calendar in July 2020 with the Austrian Grand Prix. As the long-established line marking team, Roadgrip has returned to the famous Red Bull Ring in the beautiful heart of Austria to prepare this iconic track for the first F1 race of the season.

As before, our line marking team are applying the anti-slip paint to the circuit’s well-recognised┬álong straights, downhill bends and run-off areas. Not only does this improve safety and visibility for the drivers, it also creates a stunning effect for spectators and TV crews.

The changing altitude of the track coupled with the frequently-changing weather is something our team have become used to over the years. We’ve mastered the line marking on downhill curves and uphill slopes in all weathers at varying heights. Fortunately, this year, we’ve enjoyed some wonderful sunshine, which allows us to take in the incredible scenery while we mark the track from its spectacular viewpoints.

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