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The International Roadgrip Airports division has been providing airfield maintenance on a global scale for many years. From rubber removal, friction testing and grooving to asphalt preservation, airfield marking, fuel removal and apron cleaning, we have the expertise to improve the safety and longevity of airfields around the world.

One great example of ongoing airfield maintenance is our long-term relationship with the airports of Panama. Since 2015, we’ve been maintaining an increasing number of runways for the four major airports of the country.

We started working on the concrete runways before taking on the newer asphalt runways when they were introduced. Year round, our team remove mould and rubber deposits from the runway, test the friction to ensure safety standards are consistent, and paint the markings in accordance with FAA specifications.

Why do airports choose Roadgrip, year after year?

Airports continue to renew their maintenance contracts with our global team because of our demonstrated professionalism, experience and equipment, which we ship to anywhere in the world thanks to a well-established logistics process.

We are also dedicated to utilising domestic labour wherever we work, wherever we can. It is our aim to give back to the local economy and communities by employing the skills of local people, much like we have in Panama where we have full time Panamanians employed for airfield maintenance.

We’re also highly competitive and friendly to deal with.

If you’re interested in knowing more about our year round airfield maintenance services, please contact our UK head office or visit Roadgrip Airports to see our recent projects.