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Roadgrip Airports have been applying fuel resistant coating at Robert L. Bradshaw Airport, St Kitts in the West Indies working for Kelly Construction as their main contractor.

Why apply fuel resistant coating airside?

Hydraulic oil and aviation fuel spills from aircraft on the parking aprons can lead to deterioration of the asphalt and consequent safety issues if left untreated or unprotected. Fuel spills actually soften the asphalt binder, which can lead to dangerous FOD on the airfield.

To minimise the risks and improve longevity, our team sprayed the airside fuelling area to protect the asphalt from fuel penetration when aircraft fuel up.

Following the application, we then line-marked the parking apron using an FIA compliant, water-based acrylic for parking of aircraft.

Our team were joined by our sister company, RG Media, who are managing the advertising for the airport. Learn more here: RG Media Airport Advertising Services

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