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As Formula 1 returns to the Circuit of Americas this weekend, we’ve been looking over that iconic ‘stars and stripes’ look our inhouse design team created back in 2012. It’s still one of our favourites.

Motorsport Track Design Services


Over the years, our motorsport team have designed and applied run off designs of all colours and patterns. Some have been solely designed by our own creative team, whilst others have been as a result of collaborations or from our input in conjunction with other designers.

Race Circuit Design Concepts and Renders


We love doing the full design and concept work for run off areas including the 3D renders, engineering drawings and mood boards for the race circuits too.

We have the advantage of knowing what works on the ground, from the perspective of the drivers, audiences and cameras – and we know the work involved in sourcing the materials and installing the artwork too. It comes from working with the world’s leading motorsport venues and F1 tracks for nearly two decades.

We’re incredibly proud of the inspiring designs we’ve created and installed throughout the globe.

Preparing Race Tracks for Run Off Designs


We also understand how the asphalt needs to be prepared for the best visual effect. This often involves rubber removal and ultra high pressure water blasting with our famous Trackjet machine to create the perfect surface for paint application.

If you want help creating the look and feel for your motorsport circuit, contact our professional team to discuss the options. Visit Roadgrip Motorsports to see our latest work.