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Roadgrip Motorsport undertook all circuit cleaning and paint removal of the Baku street circuit in preparation and for the post-event derig of the Azerbaijan F1 race event.

Before the race, our team cleaned the streets using Trackjet to remove all the dirt and oil caused by traffic, and to improve the grip for drivers. These ultra high pressure water jets remove all debris to create a safe surface for the high speed race. We had just one week to clean the entire street circuit within short timeframes to work with the city’s road closures.

Following the event, we returned to remove the surface branding and track markings we applied on the circuit. You can see how great the finished track looked here: Roadgrip create the Baku look and feel

Using the Trackjet machinery UHP water blasting, we removed all markings, run-off area, sporting lines and anti-slip painting areas completely and sensitively without damaging the underlying asphalt.

The Trackjet UHP jetting can be adapted to suit multiple purposes. Learn more about how it can be used to remove paint and oil, and how it can improve surface grip and longevity for motorsport circuits, airfields and roads: Trackjet