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The 2021 Heineken London E-Prix is almost here and the Roadgrip Motorsport team have been busy preparing the indoor track for the race. As an all-electric, emission-free street race, the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship takes place around London’s Royal Docks and inside the ExCeL London exhibition centre.

In advance of the championship, our circuit preparation crew have been improving the grip of the track inside the Excel centre before applying advertising sponsorship and graphics to the surface of the street circuit.

We began by using the new Trackjet XL machine to improve the grip of the surface. We then hand-applied the logos of multiple sponsors over 2000 square meters of the circuit. We spray-applied the background colours and designs using specialist machinery to really make the graphics pop.

For the smaller logos on the pit lane and curves, we used stencils whilst our creative team applied the larger logos by hand using their exceptional artistic skills. Well done, team! The graphics look incredible. Check out the gallery!

All of the paint is FIA homologated and approved with anti-slip properties for extra safety.

We’ll be returning after the race with our Trackjet machine to remove all the advertising ground graphics and paint. We’re looking forward to going back for the derig almost as much as we’re looking forward to this exciting race.

Trackjet XL is the most advanced track cleaning machine and can remove paint and rubber in one pass without damaging the structure underneath. It also, uniquely, has the ability to improve the surface texture with an adjustment to the ultra high pressure jets.

Discover more about Roadgrip’s Trackjet fleet and how we use it for improving circuits, highways and runways throughout the world in our free factsheet. Contact us for a downloadable copy.

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