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Roadgrip Motorsport have been busy preparing and painting the track of the Zandervoort circuit in the Netherlands for the 2021 Dutch F1 Grand Prix.

Our team continues to race through the Formula 1 calendar mobilising to world-renowned circuits throughout the globe. Our job is always to make those circuits stand out for the participants and international audiences, whilst maintaining the safety of the surface for drivers.

For this racing event, Roadgrip prepared the track using FIA anti-slip paints to the edge lines, kerbs, pit lane, grid, verges and run offs. The FIA approved paint is designed specifically for high-speed motorsport and optimum track performance in all weathers.

It’s also formulated to be quick to apply and remove after the race, as it is a water-based material which is considered better for health and the environment.

This circuit gave our team a few unique challenges due to the banked corners and difficult weather conditions but their experience meant that quality workmanship and delivery remained excellent throughout. Well done to all involved.

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