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In preparation for the weekend’s British F1 Grand Prix, Roadgrip Motorsport have returned to the famous Silverstone circuit to refresh the track markings.

Our specialist team have been painting the edge-lines, grid, pit lane, DRS lines, kerbs and verges using anti-slip paint to FIA specifications. This means that the paint we use at Roadgrip meets the international racing standards and performs consistently in all weathers. As a result, safety is improved and there is a lower risk of driving accidents occurring due to sudden loss of tyre grip in wet weather.

We’ve also cleaned Silverstone’s track using the Roadgrip Trackjet machinery, which is designed to remove paint build-up on the kerbs and pit lane. Trackjet works by using ultra high-pressure water jets (UHP) which remove the toughest paint without damaging the surface underneath.

Trackjet can also be used to improve the macro texture of the surface, which improves friction and safety. You can find out more about Trackjet XL in our free factsheet. Contact us for a copy.

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