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Roadgrip Motorsports and their robot have been applying the stand-out track markings for the first ever Saudi F1 2021 race at the new Jeddah Corniche Circuit.

Battling the logistical challenges from Covid and urgent requests for additional circuit painting and track cleaning, our team have once again delivered a sterling job in excellent time ready for the televised race.

Using our GPS robot tracker, we ramped up efficiencies to plot the track markings with precision in record time. This robot, affectionately known as Robbie, is 80% faster than manual marking and utilises the latest, innovative technology for remote marking out.

Everything about this circuit has been fast. Not only is the circuit the fastest to drive, it was also the fastest ever construct in F1. Six months ago, the track didn’t exist. This, in turn, meant that our team had to mobilise themselves and our fleet of machines quickly to get the track race ready in time.

This logistical feat is standard practice for our team who work globally on race tracks year round.

For this project, we needed to transport our world-leading cleaning machines to the circuit to keep the track free from debris before, during and after the race. Our Trackjet fleet is perfectly designed for the job and can handle quick and efficient clean up of oil spills and dirt for optimum safety right up to the edge of the track walls. Due to the excess building dirt at the circuit, we also deployed additional track cleaning machines to increase circuit grip and maintain a clean track.

For the track painting, we applied FIA homologated, anti-slip paint on the edge lines, run off areas and logo markings. The striped blues, greens and browns of the run-offs particularly pop at night. We also hand-applied the iconic Jeddah Corniche Circuit logic at Turn 22.

We remained on site to touch up those track lines and carry out emergency track cleaning during the event.

Security was high at the circuit due to the presence of the Saudi Royal family. To accommodate the Royal visit, we were asked to install a helipad last minute. This involved mobilising the team to draw on their airfield marking expertise to apply approved helipad markings in a fast turnaround, just before the track closed for the race to begin.

Well done to all involved at Roadgrip who proved, one again, how flexible and adaptable they can be for our clients.

We get the job done. If you would like our world-leading crew on your team for your next race, please contact us.