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As part of our annual project to prepare the circuit and venue at Silverstone with lines and markings for the British Grand Prix, this year saw the introduction of track limits, which has been the talk of the motorsport industry this racing season.

What are track limits on motorsports tracks?

Track limits are solutions put in place to dissuade racing drivers to leave the track when racing (often to gain a speed advantage on a corner, for example) as this can cause unfairness and safety issues.

Whilst we’ve seen gravel traps in recent F1 races, the Roadgrip team are now also now working with the FIA and the Circuits to install blue lines on certain corners of the track to assist race officials in spotting penalties. These blue lines help AI technology to differentiate whether a tyre is on or over the track limits. The traditional white edge lines can make this difficult to see.

At Silverstone for the 2024 event, our motorsport team installed the normal sporting lines, edge lines, grid and pit lane along with the new blue track limit lines. As this weekend event is such a major one on the racing calendar drawing crowds from all over the world for the entertainment, we also refreshed car park markings and lines on the access roads and grandstand areas.


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