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Hydroblasting & Port Marking


As part of the major new terminal development at the Port of Tilbury (Tilbury2), Roadgrip were contracted to prepare the concrete surface and apply line markings to hundreds of bays at the new lorry park.

Tilbury2 is the latest and largest unaccompanied-freight roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) terminal, which means that the trucks aren’t accompanied by drivers when they come off the shipping tankers. The new development will allow the terminal to have capacity for 500,000 units. With such a sizeable requirement, we needed to prepare an exceptionally large surface for the application of multiple truck bays.

To ensure the concrete was primed and ready for the line painting, we hydroblasted the surface and carried out BEAM sweeping using specialist, high-pressure washing to deep clean the pavement. The required thermoplastic road markings were then applied to the entire terminal including all of the roadways into and out of the port, and to the terminal.

Works were completed with bay marking for hundreds of numbered HGV parking spaces.

Well done to the Roadgrip line marking team for completing this extensive job with precision and quality workmanship.

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