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The very first Las Vegas Grand Prix took place in November 2023 and our global motorsport team were proud to play an instrumental part in bringing this new street circuit together for what proved to be an incredible event.

Our in-house creative team were responsible for the iconic playing-cards concept on the track, playing homage to the city’s casinos. The design was an instant hit amongst global motorsport fans and media.

On the track itself, we worked with our joint venture partners, Skidabrader, and their Cyclone technology to deep clean the streets in preparation for the race. Working together in the Las Vegas Grand Prix race ops team, we supported the FOD bossing and buffalo blowing of track surfaces to keep the surfaces clean and race ready.

Our track painting team then applied FIA-homologated anti-slip paint to the circuit’s sporting lines, grid and pit lane to bring the track life – all whilst working around traffic closures to keep the Las Vegas strip open.

Post event, we used ultra high-pressure water blasters to remove all the circuit paint and ground advertising, returning the streets to how they were pre-event.

The team and our partners showed exceptional tenacity throughout the race weekend and quickly adapted when necessary to make any last minute changes to the sporting lines.

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