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The Roadgrip Airports team have been on the runway at Luton airport to remove the rubber deposits to improve grip and safety for landing aircraft.

To minimise disruption to air traffic, we utilised two Trackjet rubber removal machines to increase output within the tight working windows. This allowed the team to remove 8500m2 of rubber from the runway much faster during the restricted nighttime shifts.

This video shows our machines in action:

The Trackjet works by directing ultra high pressure (UHP) water from its onboard jets to remove the rubber. The arisings are vacuumed as the machine moves to ensure no waste is left behind. The process leaves the surface free of build-up and results in improved friction on the asphalt.

As world leaders in Trackjet rubber removal, we are able to mobilise our fleet of machines quickly to airports throughout the UK and on an international scale. We are even able to transport our equipment to remote islands and runways.

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