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Roadgrip Airports have been working with Gatwick Construction on runway improvements and rubber removal at the RAF’s Mount Pleasant Airport in the Falklands.

This is our team’s fifth trip to the airfield to assist with maintenance and safety improvements.

Over the years, rubber build up accumulates on the touch down zones of the runway from landing aircraft. In time, this decreases friction and safety for pilots and therefore needs to be removed.

The most efficient way to remove rubber deposits from the runway is with ultra high-pressure water jets (UHP). Our powerful Trackjet UHP machine is strong enough to remove all residue but calibrated to preserve the surface underneath in the process.

Due to a change in rules, it was also necessary to remove and reposition the runway markings to maintain compliance. We used the Trackjet here too to remove the paint from the relevant runway areas.

As always, our experienced team worked flexibly around flight schedules and ever-changing weather to complete the works professionally, on time.

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