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Runway Markings & Airfield Grooving

The Roadgrip Airports Division were called into Exeter Airport to ensure the runway met CAA regulations and safety standards.  The popular airport, which has been operational since 1937, needed a fresh application of runway markings and runway grooving and the Roadgrip team had a very short window to complete the works.


We mobilised the troops to carry out the runway work at night in the 6-hour window of low air traffic.  The runway grooving was carried out by our expert team, who strategically cut the grooves to allow for the run-off of water to reduce hydroplaning in wet weather. We completed the runway grooving, which totalled an area of 120,000m2, and the paint markings, which covered an area of 10,000m2, in time for the airport to continue operations.


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