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While the runways are quiet, Leeds Bradford Airport contracted Roadgrip to refresh the markings on the main runway and improve safety. The current lockdown provides a window of opportunity to carry out maintenance work more cost effectively than normal, as the painting can happen in one long shift (rather than shorter night-time shifts) without disrupting air traffic and travellers. The good weather also helps to speed up completion time.

Our runway line marking team refreshed all of the markings on the runway with the exception of the centreline, which didn’t need it. As you can see from the images, we painted the pre-threshold arrows, designator markings, threshold markings, aiming points, TDZ and edge-lines.

After the first application of paint, we added a friction cast of calcined flint, which we then encapsulated with an additional coat of paint. This increases the surface friction level of all the markings in accordance with CAA safety standards.

As the runway is concrete, we also added black edging around some of the white markings. Known as contrast marking, this makes the white paint stand out more clearly the grey concrete in order to improve the visibility to landing aircraft.

During Covid-19, the Roadgrip teams are adhering to current social distancing measures and safety protocols. Workers arrive on site in separate vehicles and sign up to the additional risk assessment and method statement before commencing work.

If your business has temporarily shut down or is working at minimum output, and you would like to bring forward your maintenance plans to take advantage of the low-disruption and cost-effective operations, please contact Roadgrip today for a quick quote.

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