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As the world of aviation continues to take a break, Roadgrip continues to be busy helping the UK’s airports carry out important safety works in preparation for the summer season.

This was our fourth visit to Cotswold Airport in Gloucestershire, where we have been maintaining the runway markings for many years. On this occasion, our pavement marking team were applying a runway marking refresh while the airport was closed during the Covid-19 lockdown. With the runway out of action and the weather bright and sunny, there aren’t many more picturesque and peaceful places to call your workplace.

This experience was very different to previous visits. It was extraordinarily quiet with no smell of aviation fuel at all, which was a novel experience for our team.

The last time we visited the site was to change the runway markings to meet the EASA standards back in 2017. How time flies! The markings had performed incredibly well over the years but this refresh with single epoxy paint on an entirely black runway brought new life to the white lines, symbols, arrows and airfield markings.

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