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Diamond Cutting, Joint Sealing and Resurfacing


As part of Enfield Council’s annual plan to resurface badly damaged roads, the Roadgrip highways team has been working on ten sites across the borough.

The old concrete roads in many of the residential areas needed urgent attention. As well as being visibly poor, the surfaces were causing bad ride quality for cars too.

To reduce the roughness of the road and improve aesthetics, the concrete was overlaid with asphalt.

Where the asphalt was laid over the joint between the slabs, we diamond cut a 20mm wide x 25mm deep channel (directly over the line of the joints) and then filled it in using an N1 grade hot applied sealant. Sealant is heated in a purpose built boiler and extruded into the joints via a heated lance.

The purpose of the joint sealing is to provide a flexible joint in the asphalt above the joint in the concrete so that when the concrete slabs expand and contract due to temperature, the asphalt can move in a similar manner. This prevents the new asphalt breaking up and delaminating from the surface.

This process is one of a number of tools in our diamond cutting and joint sealing armoury, which we regularly employ on highways, runways, ports and more.

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