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The Roadgrip Motorsport team has refurbished the test track for Lotus at the home of their factory and F1 Classics team in Hethel, Norfolk, UK. As experts in race circuit construction, our team was brought into manage the surface repairs, safety barrier installation, race electronics installation and FIA track marking.

The proving ground used for testing Lotus sports cars is based on an old WW2 airfield, which was refurbished a decade ago. As part of the 10-year maintenance drive, Lotus wanted to bring the circuit up to spec and closer to FIA standards.

Asphalt Repair

We began by undertaking repairs to the asphalt track surface and concrete kerbs using a variety of methods.

Race Track Electronics Installation

Roadgrip then carried out works assisting with the installation of a new CCTV and red flag system for Lotus. The team excavated trenches for a pit and duct system and columns were erected at various locations to home the new CCTV cameras and red flag beacons. Following this, the team ran cables, and tested and commissioned the system.

We also installed Al Kamel’s Track Eye camera system to work in tandem with the pit lane exit traffic light. This sophisticated motion detection system enables the track eye cameras to trigger traffic light signals.

Crash Barriers and Track Painting

We finished by repairing and installing Armco crash barriers around the pit lane traffic lights before applying FIA homologated paint to the lines and markings in the pit lane and skid pan.

Roadgrip Motorsport offer a full turnkey solution for track surfacing, race electronics, temporary overlay and circuit marking for F1 and automotive brands around the world. Contact us for a brochure or quick quote.