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As part of the extension of port limon for APMT, Roadgrip were contracted to undertake 20,000m2 of line marking on the site at Terminal Moin.

The works formed part of the massive development in Costa Rica, in which the government pledged significant funds in 2016 to develop the port to cater for the growing traffic due to increased exports (Costa Rica are the largest exporter of pineapples in the world!).

Our works began in June 2018. The entire site was reclaimed land and our team were brought in to complete the pavement marking using a solvent-based, one-part product application on the block-paved and asphalt areas.

As part of our global commitment to boost the local economy and create jobs in the communities in which we operate, we employed local people to work with our skilled ex-pat staff and purchased locally produced materials.

The team were required to have a continuous presence on site to keep tight up behind the pavement team and worked efficiently to complete the job as planned. Well done, guys!

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