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After an extensive refurbishment of the circuit where over two thirds of the track were resurfaced at the Circuit de Spa Francorchamps, our team were called in to set out and install brand new markings to this Belgian motorsports venue.

With a tight window to work of just 48 hours, we brought in our larger European motorsport team to carry out the install. Working on a new surface requires precise setting out techniques to ensure each line and curve is perfectly positioned and applied. This takes exceptional experience and expertise to get right, this fast!

Knowing how unpredictable the weather is at this changeable but beautiful circuit, we planned the application accordingly. The first day gave us favourable conditions which we took full advantage of, working from 7.30am to 11pm at night to utilise every minute of daylight. The Friday brought wet weather so the team had to remain flexible, carrying out the finishing touches between the showers.

In that 48-hr endurance race of our own, the team plotted and applied 8,346 linear meters of paint to the circuit, installing two new grids, pit lane and edge lines in anti-slip FIA-approved paint. It was all-hands on deck to pull off this level of precision in such a short time.

See the final look below.

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