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Line Marking


The Roadgrip Motorsports team was contracted to paint the track at North Carolina’s Charlotte Motor Speedway, home of NASCAR racing.

We were line marking the 21km quad oval, which hosts the Coca Cola 600 and NASCAR All-Star Race. Sounds straightforward, right? That is until you factor in the gradient of the track and the weather front coming in (don’t be fooled by the blue sky in the pictures below).

With Hurricane Florence looming, the race was on for the Roadgrip Motorsports team to get as much done as possible in the timeframe – even if it was on a 24 degree slope!

No hill is too steep for our team though (although, those banked corners were seriously steep for one gun to straighten a 4” line that has those twists and turns!).

We completed the job in time and worked our calf muscles while we were at it.  A job well done by the team.

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