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As the Berlin E-prix 2022 race approaches, Roadgrip Motorsport have been preparing this FIA street circuit with track painting at the Tempelhof airport world heritage site.

The Formula E all-electric street racing series now draws a global crowd. Consequently, the temporary circuit needs to come to life with striking markings for drivers and audiences alike. Using FIA homologated paint, our team have applied new, stand-out markings to all the sporting lines and surface sponsorship areas for the event.

The team then returned the circuit to its original condition. Using UHP water blasting, we removed all sporting lines, gridlines, pit lane markings and ground advertising without affecting the surface underneath. It’s essential that all paint is removed on a temporary circuit like this and that the original surface material is preserved for such an old site. You wouldn’t even know a race had taken place. Watch the video below.

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