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The Roadgrip Airports team has spent 12 months carrying out maintenance works at Curacao International Airport in the Caribbean, including rubber removal, paint removal and airfield markings.

To ensure safety, it’s imperative that airfields are kept free from a build-up of rubber, flaking paint, mould and debris. Removing the rubber also increases grip, making it safer for landing aircraft.

Using our UHP water blasting equipment, we removed  paint and rubber with 40,000 PSI. This is powerful enough to remove all traces, but gentle enough to leave the asphalt underneath intact.

Our equipment utilises the most eco efficient processes, with vacuum recovery of arisings as it goes. This leaves the airfield surface free of FOD and fully operational.

To lower our carbon footprint further, we left our equipment on site between visits to reduce travel load and costs to the client. This way, our team could travel back and forth during the 12-month period whenever needed to suit weather and airport scheduling.

When the deep clean of the airfield was complete, our team reconfigured the airside markings on the taxiway, apron and runway.

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