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Taxiway Line Marking


As part of the new £1bn transformation programme at Manchester Airport, Roadgrip was contracted to apply the airfield paint markings for the re-designation works at ten new aircraft stands.

To begin, we prepared the concrete with hydroblasting to remove the concrete laitance (the powdery cement dust on the surface). Our advanced hydroblasting machines use high-pressure water to clean the surface without damaging the concrete underneath. This technique creates a suitable surface for the line marking to adhere to, which improves the longevity of the paint.

For the tighter harder-to-reach areas of the concrete,  we used captive shot blasting to achieve the same effect.

Our line marking team then installed the new markings to the aircraft stands,  taxiways and inter-stand clearways. These included markings for the equipment boxes and stand designators.

As often happens in Northern England, the elements were against us at the back of the Pennines, but the constant rain didn’t stop Roadgrip completing the job in good time. We were fortunate to be working mostly in a landside environment (rather than airside) as the stands aren’t in use yet by air traffic. This meant that we could work quickly throughout the day.

As you can see from the images, the new airfield markings are looking sharp and clear for the pilots and ground crews.

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