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Line Removal and Surface Preservation


Whether we’re removing lines from roads, bays from car parks, markings from airfields or paint from racing circuits, our priority is to preserve the surface underneath the paint whilst achieving the cleanest result possible.


There are various techniques for paint removal but the most effective and efficient, in terms of time and cost, is with ultra-high pressure (UHP) water blasting.


One of the key benefits of using hydroblasting to remove paint and rubber is that it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals that could damage the asphalt.  It’s a more environmentally friendly option too.


UHP works by pumping water out of jets so fast that it strips the paint from the surface.  At Roadgrip, we use the Trackjet system, the fastest UHP water blasting process, which removes roughly 1000m2 of paint, solvents, thermoplastic, oil and rubber per hour, without leaving any residue or phantom lines.


Despite its power, UHP uses a relatively low consumption of water due to its highly targeted, efficient nozzle sprays – regardless of how thick the marking materials are.


The beauty of Trackjet over other high pressure washing techniques is that it can remove 100% of the markings (others achieve approximately 70%) whilst leaving the underlying structure intact.  This means that subsequent cleaning is significantly less frequent, which brings further cost benefits and a longer life for the surface.


Whilst there are other effective methods for line removal, such as sand blasting and shot blasting, these approaches can cause damage to the surface.  There is a place for them, however, as in this example where captive shot blasting was used to prepare a new concrete surface for marking: Shot Blasting at Amazon


If you would like to learn more about rubber removal and line removal, please contact the removal and marking experts at Roadgrip for advice and a quick quote.