Our motorsport track painting teams have been setting new standards in design for some of the most prestigious racing tracks in the world.  From track branding and run off design to pit lane markings, car park painting, kerbs, paddocks and edge painting, Roadgrip are THE experts in track marking.


High impact branding design

We have become renowned for our creative concepts and visual designs when it comes to track branding and can help you maximise the impact of your tracks for the greatest benefit to your sponsors, participants and audience.


FIA safety marking

We know what is required for ultimate safety when it comes to pedestrians, teams and drivers using your circuit and venue.  Our line marking will be designed to grab attention and communicate clearly.


Friction Testing, Track Preparation & Greening

Using the world-leading Trackjet system, we will keep your tracks clean and clear of rubber, oil and previous road markings and lines.  The process is fast, gentle but tough and will cause minimum disruption and zero damage to your circuit.  We can prepare and restore your surfaces to the perfect conditions ready for new paint and fuel resistant sealants.

In order to maintain optimum performance, we can monitor the friction properties of your track with the most advanced friction testing equipment available in the world today.  Using ultra high-pressure water, we’ll create an even surface to the ideal green level verified by our friction testing measurement.


It’s fast, accurate and mobile enabling us to measure and prepare racing circuits across the globe.

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